Monday, June 19, 2017


Happy Father's Day!
...a day late

Last week we got to enjoy a whole week with Ryan. He took a week of vacation off. We took the kids to Lincoln Park Zoo, and then to the beach.  We did that on Monday since the rest of the week had a chance of thunder storms. I was most excited for the beach. As soon as we got there we had our lunch that we packed. The kiddos were so excited it was difficult to get them to eat! I had learned from past experiences and this time I brought lots of snacks into the zoo with us. I also kept on the kids to make sure they were drinking their water. 

The beach was awesome! We were able to just walk to it from where we parked for Lincoln Park Zoo, so only had to pay for parking once. The boys had such a blast, they enjoyed making big sand holes for us. The water was incredibly cold! They played around in it a little bit. I walked out about waist deep with both boys. We enjoyed sitting in the sun. I wish I brought my camera. I have no pictures from the beach, Next time I'll at least bring my phone. 
The rest of the week we stuck around home and did things here and there around town. On Friday we took the kids to the drive inn. 
It went poorly. 
First off our dinner plan had closed. 
So we were at the mercy of the snack bar. Cam acting extra strong willed. Cole got upset tummy during the movie and started screaming he wanted to go home because he didn't want to use the toilets there. So I walked though all the cars with Cole panicking screaming he wanted to go home. Then after talking him down and telling him I'll help him out with the toilet he calms down. We walk back to Ryan holding a bowl in front of Cam who's screaming and apparently barfing.
What on earth is going on tonight?! 
I begin to entertain the idea of leaving, but Ryan was willing to give it a little longer. This was all after the fighting and someone peeing their pants while we waited for the movie to start. Cam almost quite literally poked a guy in the butt while in the snack bar line. It was almost a crack hit. If I was a second later he would have credit carded the poor stranger. 
Needless to say I was quite relieved when they finally calmed down and actually watched the movie. Cars 3. 
On the way home they fell asleep and I was so happy. 
Oh Saturday. 
That morning we ran a few errands to get ready for the day we were going to spend at Ryan's parents. The kids were bears. Cam was acting like he was catching a cold, and Cole still had a upset stomach.  We began to wonder how family photos were going to go with them acting this sick. We had just gotten all over this mess. I was not thrilled at it starting back up again. We eventually cancelled since I couldn't see either one of them lasting a photo session without something going on. I then realized after they were cancelled that Cam's eyes were red. I had a hunch that this wasn't a cold. I looked at our pollen count and our area apparently had a pollen warning. So I gave him some Benadryl and within a half hour he was perky and acting happy. Poor Cole had to wait his out though. He was feeling better by the end of the night. They even slept in on Sunday morning and we were not about to play poke the bear. 

Sunday Ryan had to go back to work. I felt bad for him that it was Father's Day he had to go back. The kids got him a neat new water bottle, and Ryan also got a Raspberry Pi with a few accessories to go with it. He's been eyeballing that for months and it went on sale. He brought it up a while ago when he found the sale and I looked at him and said
"Gosh dang it, I was going to get you that on my own! I listen!"
Granted he did find a cheaper price than I did. He did wait until Father's Day to open it up. 

I've been using Eat This Much website to plan our meals. I used to be a lot better about meal planning, but now I really really REALLY suck at it. I signed up for the free trial period but I'm considering just keeping it. It's been really helpful and stress free. The kids are even liking the meals it's bringing up. It's even a app on my phone, I'll never leave the grocery list at home again, but I can still forget to buy that frickin Yam for yam fries.

Also my primary physician gave me antibiotics for my sore throat. It's now gone, and it's been amazing. Being pain free is really awesome. My back was starting to go out too, but I think I finally got that one back in line with lots of stretching. 
It's good to be healthy, and now we know Cam has some mild seasonal allergies.

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