Friday, January 13, 2017


Our Christmas was a really good one. We went to church that morning and it was a wonderful Christmas program. I really do love it when we get to go to church on Christmas. I will always remember when I was a kid I was really upset we had to go to church on Christmas. I complained to my Mother and she put me in my place very quickly. I don't quite remember what she said word for word, but the lesson was understood.  We got to Skype with our families. We even did a Wii U Mario Kart tournament Skype session. It's nice to be able to connect with them by modern technologies when you can't be there physically. 

New Years Eve was pretty low key. We celebrated with the kids during their waking hours because it's not in anyone's best interest to keep them up. Then Ryan and I were falling asleep by 8PM. But woke up and then was able to stay up and welcome the new year in. I welcomed it in by playing around with editing photos. 

This year was unusual as Ryan got New Years Eve and Day off.  Then we also got to go on a date too! We went down to Ryan's parents and dropped the kids off. The kids had so much fun. They really do adore going to their grandparents. I think they ask to go almost every day. We went out to see Rogue One and had Dinner at Texas Roadhouse. We were pretty much full by the time our dinners were brought to the table, which made for some really delicious left overs. 

We've enjoyed the zoo pass we've received from my parents. It's going to provide a lot of fun in our downtime. The kids love it so far, and it has the added perk of being able to practice photography as well for me.

Indoor lighting is still the hard area for me. The Chameleon was kind enough to climb right under the light so it was perfectly lit for me!  I think I'll have to bring my external flash next time to get some good ones. 

With a new year comes changes. 
This year I am back in school. With the changes it looks like I'll be able to stay till I get my degree. Ryan is changing up his plans. He's going through another program which better fits his needs. It has the perk of being online and also being much cheaper. So this semester I'm redoing one of my science credits since the school wants those to be within 5 years and mine were barely just expired. I'm getting excited though. Of course that's going to change come time to take the first test and doing topics I'd rather not.  I think this change overall is good for our family. I think the program Ryan has changed to will enable him to finish school and be less stressed without having to worry about jumping around his work schedule. 

Cam is pretty much 100% potty trained! He now has the rare accident. It's awesome. Though the other day I went to school to fill out a form and on the way home Cam says he has to pee. I was going to stop at the store to pick up materials I needed for class. Then it shifted to I peed. I asked him if he peed or he needed to pee. He said needed too. So I continued on to the store with the plan to let him pee there. Turns out he was in fact wet and he got a brand new pair of pants. The one time I forget his extra clothes! Lucky for me though they were on clearance. 
Cameron is now a sunbeam! 

Cole is back in school now. I think he missed it over Christmas break.  He's become a really good eye roller. Sometimes they are so dramatic it's hard not to laugh. Then at others I get really annoyed at the attitude that is being thrown at me.  One thing that has been fairly new is if we are getting ready and Cole gets into trouble enough that he gets to sent out he'll get a little panicky and cry out
It's so sad he worries about that. I try to reassure him that I won't ever leave him. Cole has also been really good about using words to express how he feels instead of throwing mean words. I guess the Mommy break down left a impression on him. Now he will tell me frequently that he loves me all day. He's a observant little guy. He will occasionally play with my hair because it's what Dad does. It melts my heart each time. Added bonus is he doesn't rip my hair out!

I still write 2016 by the way. I have to correct myself about 80% of the time.

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